We are pleased to introduce our NEW Global Virtual Courses Division. All courses will be taught by our Canadian teachers. These courses are designed for the virtual experience, addressing the needs of high performers and those looking for more help with math. Students from all over the world are welcome to enrol and benefit from these exciting, online teacher-led classes and lessons.

Course Schedule at a Glance
Elite Online Courses – Grades 3 to 8 & 11 for high performing students
Term 1 (13 weeks) Term 2 (13 weeks) Term 3 (13 weeks)
September 29 2020 December 22 2020 January 5 2021 April 6 2021 April 13 2021 July 6 2021

Aspire Courses – Grades 1 to 6 for students wanting extra help with mathematics
Streams Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
6 lessons, 1 hour/week 6 lessons, 1 hour/week 6 lessons, 1 hour/week 6 lessons, 1 hour/week
1-Oct-20 4-Nov-20 24-Nov-20 5-Jan-21 26-Jan-21 2-Mar-21 23-Mar-21 27-Apr-21
Mental Math 8 lessons, 0.5 hours/week 8 lessons, 0.5 hours/week 8 lessons, 0.5 hours/week 8 lessons, 0.5 hours/week
04-Jan-21 27-Feb-21 1-Mar-21; 24-Apr-21 26-Apr-21 19-Jun-21 21-Jun-21 14-Aug-21

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Number Sense and Numeration [?]

Number Sense and Numeration

This course focuses on solidifying students' understanding with the fundamentals of mathematics. Building students number sense and numeration sets the foundations for everything else, allowing students to expand and challenge their thinking.

Students will master basics, such as, place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with order of operations for the appropriate grade levels.

With the basics solidified they can extend their skills working with integers, fractions, decimals, and even ratios and percent for some grades!

Spatial Sense [?]

Spatial Sense

Did you know children initially already think in 3D and then have to learn to think in 2D? Children’s spatial sense begins developing at a young age.

Learning about geometry and measurement allows students to make sense of the world through defining characteristics of shapes/objects and their relationships to the space around them.

This course focuses on combining geometry and measurement to identify, classify, and construct 2D and 3D objects as well as using measurement to explore shapes and their environment while making connections between units for the appropriate grade levels.

The course will also explore Cartesian plane, angles, transformations, etc. for some grades.

Patterning, Algebra, Function [?]

Patterning, Algebra, Function

Patterns allow us to make sense of the world around us. Recognizing and using patterns helps students to develop critical thinking and tackle tough word problems.

In this course, students will learn about patterns and begin developing their algebraic thinking while working with patterns, relationships, and expressions for the appropriate grade level.

Students will further explore relationships between numbers, variables, and explore functions, helping them increase their love of math and inspire confidence!

Data Management & Probability [?]

Data Management & Probability

What are the chances you are going to love this course? Probability and statistics are a part of everyday life and are a part of almost any decision you make!

Students will explore possibilities, probability, and statistics in this course to create hypotheses, make predictions, collect, analyze, organize, and represent information.

The course aims to challenge students through promoting critical analysis, interpretation of data, and making connections.

These skills help students make better decisions when interacting with data anywhere!

Financial Literacy [?]

Financial Literacy

Exploring and building skills and knowledge about the value and use of money is a critical skill to equip our students with at a young age.

This course focuses on developing students’ decision making skills that impact personal finances. It also explores consumers roles and impact on economic systems at the appropriate grade level.

Please note: this course will mainly explore currency in dollars ($).

8 lessons, 1 h/week 8 lessons, 1 h/week 8 lessons, 1 h/week 8 lessons, 1 h/week 8 lessons, 1 h/week
29-Sep-20 17-Nov-20 24-Nov-20 19-Jan-21 26-Jan-21 16-Mar-21 23-Mar-21 11-May-21 18-May-21 16-Jul-21

Contest Coaching
Term 1 (11 weeks) Term 2 (11 weeks) Term 3 (11 weeks)
10-Oct-20 19-Dec-20 5-Jan-21 23-Mar-21 30-Mar-21 8-Jun-21

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